Saturday, 1 June 2013

As of Day 10

This is just a test post, really, but I'll take the opportunity to assure you that the title of this blog is true and that I'm alive and well in the Philippines.

I can't believe it's only been just over a week. Today I feel a bit homesick and overwhelmed. I've had quite a few episodes of, "What the fuck am I even doing here, I'm scared, let's just book a flight home."

I am way out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it feels like I'm being pulled along by a string, and I can't even remember making the conscious decisions to leave Australia and book flights and pack. I just woke up under a mosquito net at my cousin's house in Maasin City one day and was like, "Oh... yeah."

I just have to stay positive and remember why I chose to do this in the first place.

At the moment I'm staying at the Diplomat Hotel in Cebu City, and the goal for this week is to find a more permanent abode. I'm hoping for a secure apartment in a condo or something, so security isn't an issue. Cousins and friends of cousins are helping me inspect places, but haven't found anything yet.

Keep you posted. Love you and miss you.

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  1. What was the one we stayed at in 98, the Century Plaza? Was a bit seedy after having been grand some years earlier. But it was relatively cheap and they had apartment type rooms with cooking facs there.

    Well you're probably OK where you are.